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Unfurnished Property Management

Sit Back, Relax, We Handle It All

Whether you are a hands-on owner who likes to be involved in the day-to-day management of your property but could use a little help with finding a tenant or following the long list of landlord/tenant protocol, or a hands-off owner who is too busy or worn out to manage your property yourself and would like to rest easy that everything is being taken care of, or something in between, Abundance Property Services, Inc is the property management company for you. We have systems in place that have worked well for us in the past, but are open to the unique needs of you and your property.

Our Property Management Services include:

Property Evaluation

  • Perform an initial evaluation of property
  • Establish market rental value based on comparables for area
  • Evaluate property condition and recommend repairs and decorating
  • Suggest ways to maximize rental value and property appreciation
  • Identify and correct conditions that might expose liability
  • Collect and review all necessary information and existing documents pertaining to property


  • Place property description and digital photos on Abundance website
  • Place a “For Rent” yard sign on property, (if allowed)
  • List property on internet sites: Craig’s List, Zillow, Hotpads, etc
  • Answer all tenant inquiries
  • Show property seven days a week to all prospective renters until rental home is leased
  • Contact Owner with feedback on prospective renter inquiries and showings
  • Abide by Fair Housing Laws


  • Conduct in-depth interviews with every rental applicant
  • Obtain the following on all rental applicants:
    1. A credit report on each adult rental applicant
    2. An eviction and criminal search of the local Colorado public records to ensure that the applicant has not been evicted or have a felony
    3. A verification of applicant’s former landlord’s references
    4. A verification of the applicant’s employment or income
  • Lease property at agreed upon amount
  • Complete and execute the lease agreement and give the tenant possession of rental home
  • Provide tenant with detailed rental property inspection data sheet
  • Notify Owner that property has been leased

Lease Renewals

  • Attempt to renew tenant’s lease prior to lease agreement expiration
  • Renew tenant’s lease for same term
  • Place “For Rent” sign and begin showing property
  • Renew tenant’s lease agreement or re-rent property to new tenants

Property Inspections

  • Conduct inspections on property:
    1. Each week when vacant
    2. Drive-by inspection each month when rented
    3. Periodically when requested or warranted
    4. Prior to new tenants moving into the property
    5. Prior to lease expiration
    6. When tenant moves out of the property

Rent Collections & Delinquencies

  • Explain rent payment requirements in detail with all tenants
  • Make every effort to collect rents timely and when due on the 1st of each month
  • Contact tenant with a “Friendly Reminder” if rents are not collected by the 3rd of each month
  • “Hand Deliver” a 10-day notice, (Colorado’s legal prerequisite to an eviction), between the 5th and the 10th of the month
  • Turn delinquent tenants over for eviction to be filed on or shortly after the 10-day period
  • Notify Owner of delinquency and actions taken

Rent Processing & Accounting

  • Provide owner with monthly report showing all income and expenses of rental property
  • Provide Owner with a year-end summary statement for tax purposes showing all yearly income and expenses and 1099 Misc Tax Form
  • Process Owner proceed payments to Owner on or before the 15th of the month by check or direct deposit
  • Make homeowners association or utility payments, if Owner so directs

Property Maintenance & Repairs

  • Communicate with owners on all maintenance and repair needs.
  • Recommend upgrades and preventative maintenance as needed.
  • Coordinate and supervise all maintenance and repair issues with reputable vendors and/or owner preferred maintenance providers.
  • Provide copies of all bills.

We look forward to meeting with you, discovering your priorities and giving you a complimentary evaluation of your property.

Rosalie Dorland

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